Springfield Presbyterian Church
Monday, December 10, 2018
Where God's Love Meets Your Needs

My first blog of 2016 - and my first blog ever...

New Year is synonymous with resolutions.  Lose weight, get in shape, start saving money, we all have those kinds of resolutions.  Maybe you have even decided to read the Bible through this year, or maybe you have committed to praying more intentionally every day.  Resolutions are good and healthy, they serve to motivate us in a positive direction.
As your session of elders met this month, we have made a few resolutions as well.  We decided that our website needs attention. The information was outdated and needed refreshing  so we are going to be more deliberate about keeping things up to date.  One way to do that is to have a weekly blog from the pastor.  So ta da, my first installment.  While we are talking about the session we also decided that it is time we upgrade the space on Main street that we own.  We don't really know what to call the space. Sometimes its the Kurl Korner, the green room with Jane Livers' hair salon interior design still in place.  The old C and L Floral Shop became the Way to Recovery so that name was not too hard, but now Way to Recovery is out.  We hope to create space that is more useable for classrooms and office space, not to forget we need larger modern bathrooms.  In the old C and L Floral Shop we are looking to have Heavenly Treasures possibly move in there.
Keep making good resolutions.  They give us hope and direction. I hope your new year's resolutions are being kept, and pray and be available to lend a hand to some on the projects we have here at church this year.  God bless!
My first blog of 2016 - and my first blog ever... Email clays22@bellsouth.net